International Business Activities Via Developing A Diversity Essay

International Business Activities Via Developing A Diversity Essay

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In today’s society, managers must be able to recognize a complex and fundamental religious social structure in the workplace. Often at times, our beliefs, ethics, and practices are formulated by our religious system. Even though many people are becoming less religious now than in the early 1900s, identifying and understanding different people’s belief systems can enhance creativity, diversity, and productivity in a multicultural world. Both private and public organizations should explore the cultural consciousness and historical significance of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Judaism, and Shinto faiths to interlink business firms and people alike and different. In this paper, I will examine the ways in which the most prominent religions can influence international business activities via developing a diversity consciousness to promote cultural awareness and sensitivity in different geographical regions around the world.
Are people taking their religious ethics and principles to work? According to a team of scholars at the Society for Human Resource Management, “As companies embrace an expanding global economy and increase their sourcing of global job candidates, religious diversity will continue to rise in the workplace” (SHRM, 2008, p.2). In other words, as more and more companies develop innovative business relationships and respectable recruiting strategies for social inclusion, religious diversity will greatly impact employees lives on and off the job. Religion can be defined in a plethora of ways as follows: (1) “believing in the services and worship of God or a higher power, (2) being committed or devoted to a particular faith or conviction, (3) a set of personalized principles or institutionalized at...

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...onal business and religion can demonstrate the strengthens and weakness of an organization’s cultural literacy. Cultural literacy can be viewed as being educated or obtaining information about a particular culture as a form of cultural learning and individual acceptance of diverse people. As globalization continues to rise, subgroups or groups of people who share common beliefs and interests will emerge as well. Even though subgroups vary in locations, attitudes, and values, they have the potential to spread worldwide and influence intentional and national business. Our values and attitudes help define and shape who we are and what we believe in. Our values are our ideas, thoughts, and ethics about what is intrinsically moral and malicious, just and unjust. Likewise, our attitudes are expressed positively or negatively based on certain types of emotions and feelings.

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