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The three countries I would prefer to visit on an international vacation included Brazil, Germany, and South Africa. My departure date to one of these three alleged countries is set to start on June 5, 2011 and end on June 19, 2011. Each country had its share economical advantages and disadvantages that heavily influenced my decision. Ultimately, I have decided that Germany would be the most cost effective vacation of the three. I will explain how I arrived at this conclusion by basing my decision on flight costs, visa requirements, hotel costs, and the strength of the dollar. I would like to enjoy vacation to any of these countries, so these factors will help me optimize my experience on what I can afford at that time.
I used the website to determine the total flight costs of the three destinations leaving from Baltimore. The website revealed that Brazil maintains the cheapest flight destination of the three groups at approximately $1,590.10. In a distant second, Germany’s flight costs about $1,740.00. Lastly, I calculated South Africa’s to be $2,721.00. South Africa was over $1,000 more than Brazil, and over $900 more than Germany. This extensive difference in flight costs greatly reduced my economic ability to choose South Africa as a potential destination. Furthermore, South Africa and Brazil both require a visa, while Germany does not. As I do not have a visa to begin with, I had to account for this expense further reducing South Africa. Together flight costs and visas practically balance the costs between Brazil and Germany, leading me to calculate hotel costs to get another economical based rationale.
To find the best hotel costs of the three countries, I used the website, wh...

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...l, I thought that Germany would be the best country to visit for both tangible and intangible reasons. For example, a tangible factor such as the strength of my dollar is considerably weaker in Germany in comparison to Brazil and South Africa. However, Germany provides the best quality hotels at the best price, which I have reported in my financial calculations. Germany does not require visas to visit the country saving money in that regard. A few intangible reasons that I would like to see Germany is the history. A historical museum in Frankfurt Germany called Historiches Museum explains WWI and WWII events from a Germany perspective. Additionally, I was interested in visiting this Germany since my as my great grandparents left Germany to immigrate to America. For these tangible and intangible reasons, I have decided to choose Germany as my destination of choice.

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