Internal Review Procedures That Facilitate High Quality Standards in the Organization

Internal Review Procedures That Facilitate High Quality Standards in the Organization

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4. Quality Control
Corresponds to Technical Evaluation Factor 4
(i) Internal review procedures that facilitate high quality standards in the organization.
Einhorn Yaffee Prescott (EYP) integrates quality assurance planning and quality control reviews into a single, pervasive professional culture of Quality Management. Documented in detail in the EYP Quality Management Plan, our procedures recognize that for every project our clients have a unique blend of objec¬tives—and un¬derstanding those objectives is critical to successful project delivery. EYP’s inter¬nal QC proce¬dures, therefore, begin in the planning stage of each project. In summary: (a) We work with the client to ensure a common understanding of the project scope. (b) We review each as¬signment to identify the specific QC challenges it presents (e.g., challenges associated with identifying all salient architectural and structural aspects of historically significant buildings, so that we can develop energy efficiency solutions that are effective while not requiring disruptive alterations). Our goal is to plan for the appropriate levels of re¬view to prevent costly, time-consuming errors during project performance and to ensure that all services ad¬here to the client’s technical requirements and constraints. (c) We next develop a project-specific QC plan, that identifies specific procedures and protocols to meet the project’s QC requirements and assigns team members responsibilities for implementing them. (d) We assign EYP manag¬ers and staff with the appropriate blend of functional skills and substantive know¬ledge of the project.
EYP also applies a comprehensive set of QC procedures during the performance of each project: (a) Projects begin with an o...

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... work for each cli¬ent. Our se¬nior ex¬ecutives and Project Directors frequently confer to make near- and longer-term fore¬casts of workload and share information about known or projected new Task Orders. The firm’s sophisti¬cated project tracking system ensures that we staff each project effectively.
We ensure that no in¬dividual Project Manager is working on too many accounts. And we will hold pe¬riodic meetings for all staff members to ensure that we efficiently share informa¬tion and data sources to al¬locate resources. A portion of our weekly management meetings is devoted to staff alloca¬tion and balancing multi¬ple projects for multiple clients. Finally, EYP’s ac¬counting system supports project cost accounting on Task Order contracts, and provides roll-up reports at any level required (e.g., for all projects under a partic¬ular contract, by agency).

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