Essay on Internal Relations And Employee Interaction

Essay on Internal Relations And Employee Interaction

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One of the most important, but often overlooked, aspects of a business is the internal relations and communication of the employees. Business ' focus tends to lean in the direction of the customer, and customer interaction, so that they feel valued and accommodated to their needs. Of course, there is no technical wrongdoing through this to employees – they simply continue doing the job set before them. However, it can be seen that there is much benefit to focusing company energies, not only on customers, but also on the internal relations and communication between employees. By looking more closely at the definitions, importance, and value of internal relations and employee interaction, one should be able to have a better understanding of their application.
According to Cultip and Center 's Effective Communication, “Internal relations means building and maintaining relationships with all the publics inside an organization...,”(Cultip and Centers 188). Much like a sports team, corporations possess a goal, or an end objective they want to meet. Whether it is to sell a product, advocate for a position, or generate a new marketplace, business have a destination desired to reach. The employees make up the “team.” Each individual holds a integral part in the failure or success in the company as a whole. Now, the proportion of failure or success is dependent on the size of the establishment, and how valued the position within the company is. However, regardless of that proportion, failure and success lies with each employee. Therefore, building and maintaining those relationships between the employees in the company is essential. In no way is one employee a singular entity in a corporation, rather, employees are dependent on each other...

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...ered in lb-sec instead of the specified and expected units of Newton-sec,”(Mars Climate Orbiter Mishap Investigation Board Phase I Report 13). It was a simple problem of miscommunication between the standard unit and metric unit that led to a loss of nearly $655.2 million for the total project(NASA). Human error is inevitable. However, there are certain things that be resolved, if only communication was used.
In conclusion, after having examined internal relations and employee communication, one should have received a better understanding of the concepts, and how it applies within public relations. There is too much at stake for a public relations firm to do business without first providing their company with the skills needed to effectively communicate and interact internally. The external appearance seen by the public is often an indication of the internal status.

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