The Internal Grammar of a Language Essay

The Internal Grammar of a Language Essay

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Any piece of human creation or human endowment gets its glamour from its structure, system and functional value. The internal grammar of a language is captured properly only when the linguist-grammarian or the teacher-grammarian first understands the ingredients that give grammar its glamour. We need not forget that
‘glamour’ is actually an alternate spelling of grammar

Whether we are dealing with the architecture of synchronic grammar (Halliday and Mathiessen 2004) or the architecture of diachronic grammar (Vesser 1973) or the genesis of Syntactic Complexity (Givon 2009) or even the neurological bases of language (Ramachandran 2010), we do need to handle all the three ingredients of glamour/grammar: STRUCTURE, SYSTEM and FUNCTION. If someone says or said that meaning is not within the purview of linguistics, then that theory is defective because it ignores the real function of language.

Any piece of human creation or human endowment becomes presentable and is considered as having glamour only when its structure, system and functional value are perceived holistically. This holistic perception is in other words the grammar of the given endowment or creation. Incidentally the word glamour is considered Scottish English alteration of grammar meaning enchantment, spell. Any one who delves deep into the grammar of a languge we really find it enticing and enchanting. There is a sanskrit saying which goes as follows :

A grammarian feels more delighted when he can save half a syllable in a grammatical formula than when he begets a son.

Ancient Indians treated grammar as a sacred subject because it helped them retain the authenticity of a sacred text. They included in gramma...

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