Internal Control Paper Over A Grocery Store

Internal Control Paper Over A Grocery Store

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I am choosing to write my internal control paper over a grocery store, Jay-C. I have worked here for about 3 years. This store is just like any other grocery store that sells food items, some merchandise, has a pharmacy and a fuel center. What is different about Jay-C Food stores is that we have a Jay-C plus card that has to be scanned in order to get sale prices. Some people hate this idea, but the company gains more money this way for those customers who do not use this card.
Proper Training
Jay-C just like any other business needs to have their employees properly trained. When employees are first hired on, web based training must be completed for whatever department the trainee is going into and they cannot physically be on the floor until this is done. The management team does a pretty great job at this. Once this training is done, the new employees are trained for the equipment they will be working with to assure they know how to run the equipment to help customers get out quickly and happy. Even after going through these two trainings, every employee is still trained day by day as new things come up.
Having your employees properly trained is a must because you want your employees to know what to do in every situation. This prevents the company from losing money and from employees getting injured on the job. This also helps customers get in the store and get out with the items they wanted because the employees know how to do their job and they know how to do it right. I would say this company does a very fantastic job at training their employees. I have never felt unsafe while working here.
Health is a big part of companies that are dealing with food. Employees are trained to know what to do with damaged food, clean...

... middle of paper ... push in carts and there has been times where creepy people are outside and they come inside for a while because there is no camera to get these people in trouble.
When customers steal items from Jay-C, they are taking away profit made because the store does not receive any money for that stolen item. Employees and customers are also at risk when there are no cameras outside to record any suspicious activity going on. I believe they would benefit from installing cameras and bringing back the security guards.
Overall I believe that Jay-C does a good job with internal controls. The only thing I would change is the security purposes to help protect their employees and the customers. I learned a lot about this lesson by thinking about what internal controls are. Before doing this assignment I had no idea what internal controls Jay-C had until I thought about it.

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