The Internal Conflicts Of A Reluctant Murder Essays

The Internal Conflicts Of A Reluctant Murder Essays

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The Internal Conflicts of a Reluctant Murder
Thought out this passage Patricia Highsmith implements Guy’s night alone as a way to criticize and show her own views on a variety of topics.In particular she condemns the ideas of laws of society and their punishments. Guy scrutinizes the law as something that he is not genuinely concerned about and views their punishments as something that he can view without great concern. Also Highsmith explores the concept of conscience and the weight it can put on a person. Through Guy’s guilt and internal conflict, which is displayed in his thoughts throughout the passage,Highsmith shows the how ones conscience can be conflicted.Lastly Highsmith shows her views on good and evil through Guy’s internal conflict, and a brief internal monologue that guy has half way through the passage.I will examine one passage that shows how Highsmith displays these themes through, figurative language, syntax and word choice.
The passage starts with Guy stating “If Bruno dared to contact him again, he would kill him too.”. Highsmith does this to show the seriousness of the topics that she is about to tackle in the next few paragraphs. This is seen through the way Highsmith chooses to show Guy saying this in a very assertive way. The significance of this is that Guy is characterized as a person that is not deceive or certain about most things. Showing Guy’s assertiveness of such an extreme state , sets the very serious tone for the rest of the passage.
One of Highsmith major influences for this novel was Crime and Punishment, which criticizes the morality of society punishing people for their crimes. This influence and Highsmith’s own views on the law of society are seen throughout this passage. Guy states that...

... middle of paper ...

... made him do. The reason is Guy believes in this balance between good and evil,Bruno has brought this too him. Bruno is the evil that balanced Guy’s good.
Highsmith own views on various subjects throughout the novel. Her critique on law of society’s punishment meets are seen through Guy’s ease of dismissing the fear of being caught by the law and the lack of importance it has to him. Highsmith explores the power of conscience and the damage it can cause to a person through Guy’s guilt and internal conflict via his dismissal of the law and hopelessness that his guilt is causing. Also she persents a concept of good and evil through the realationship of bruno and guy and the action that this relationship causes. Highsmith uses many literally tools such as syntax, word choice and figurative langaue to emphais her points throughout the passage and the rest of the novel.

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