Internal And External Influences On A Business Essay

Internal And External Influences On A Business Essay

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A business can either take a step forward or a step back depending on the external and internal influences and how they handle them, they can either flourish or enter stages of degradation and cessation. External and internal influences on a businesses plays a part in the opportunities that arise in the industry the business operates in, otherwise the business may choose to venture out of it’s defined industry depending on the opportunities at hand. Businesses are affected by internal and external influences to a degree where they are either benefiting or suffering from the way they handle opportunities that arise. The five articles depict the problems encountered by businesses no matter their size or industry.

An internal influence is something the business can control, however the business has no control over external influences. A business will produce a product depending on the popularity of the product. If the customers are particularly interested in a range of products the business sell, the business will most likely become aware and take action to make sure their best selling products are readily available. Mc Donald’s breakfast menu is vastly popular and they have been pressured by the customers to include an all day breakfast. After they commenced with the idea problems arose, by including this, limitations on their staff were present and the hygiene of the food preparation was effected. This business responded by including the all day breakfast and pleasing its customers, in a effort to increase profits and customer loyalty. This choice to favour the wants of the wants of the customers impacted the way the business functioned, it directly effected the efficiency of the workers and the implemented hygienic rules. Staf...

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...t’s by offering 20 percent less on all items. Due to this Walmart is losing customers to Aldi, therefor increasing Aldi’s market share. This shows Aldi’s adaptability, a characteristic businesses need to succeed.
If a business is unknowingly violated placed laws they may be fined as punishment for not meeting those implemented laws. When a large sum of money is payed as a fine or refund, debt is common. Businesses try to satisfy their consumers not only because they are being payed to, certain consumer rights are in place to ensure consumer satisfaction. If the business is constantly refunding products than they will struggle to cover their cost with their revenue. If the business is fined they may be in debt, for example Nimble did not follow regulations and were fined. That is why it is their best interest to follow regulations to prevent this from happening again.

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