Internal And External Factors That Hinder Future Development Of Effective Corporate Governance

Internal And External Factors That Hinder Future Development Of Effective Corporate Governance

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1.0 Introduction
This report analyses the internal and external factors that hinder future development of effective corporate governance. The analysis will utilize relevant theories and models such as shareholder theory, stewardship theory, PESTEL and the German model to elaborate of the topic. I will begin by evaluating effective corporate governance and this will be followed by internal and external factors that influence its development. The findings will applied on Volkswagen company, which has experienced poor corporate governance in recent past. The application will focus on its corporate structure, corporate policies and corporate behaviour. Lastly, a recommendation will be provided on how to improve corporate governance at the Volkswagen.
2.0 Effective Corporate Governance
Corporate governance is defined as the systems of rules, laws, and practices that guide the operations of a firm (Aras 2016, p. 164). The laws and rules of a company are meant to protect the firm from outcomes of poor governance such as embezzlement of funds or corruption that create scandals. Siemens experienced a bribery scandal (O’Reilly & Matussek 2008), while Enron was involved in embezzlement of funds that was disguised through misrepresentation of earnings (Petrick & Scherer 2003, p. 37). Both companies struggled with poor reputation and loss of revenues at the height of the scandal. While the reasons for company lapses are varied some as result of greed among owners or the need to maximize shareholder revenues, poor corporate governance is usually at the heart of the problem. One of the reasons is because corporate governance entails harmonizing the interests of the corporation and those of the stakeholders some of whom include shareho...

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...ntrol measures, and isolation of duties (p. 161). Yet, while internal control promotes acceptable practices, the onus is still with the individual entrusted to follow the practices. The stewardship theory supports this notion by arguing that managers have a moral and ethical obligation to act in a transparent and responsible manner as stewards of resources they manage (Fernando 2009, p. 49). This reflects back on the character of individuals elected to the BOD. It might seem subtle but members of the BOD control major decisions and may be susceptible to misuse it. For instance, when the higher ownership of an individual eclipses a certain threshold, this may cause the issue of tunneling and inefficiency. It also reflects back on the shareholders who elect them, thus, divulging the overall perspective, attitude and approach of all the internal stakeholders.

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