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Internal And External Environmental Factors Essays

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Teachers must be student-centered, engaging in interactive sessions using the best methods to reach students at their various academic and social levels.
With regard to competition, my institution is not considered to be one of the top schools on the island. Our aim is to change that perception by getting our students to improve on their grades. This will cause top students from the primary to select this institution as their first choice after the grade six national assessment. Once we begin to get a good fraction of the top students this could help with the shift in perception.
A SWOT analysis of my institution shows will look at the internal and external environmental factors which affect it. Strengths will include factors that are likely to have a positive effect on (or be an enabler to) achieving the school’s objectives. In general good strategies take advantage of strengths and minimize the disadvantages posed by any weaknesses. Michael Jordan, for instance, is an excellent all-around athlete; he excels in baseball and golf, but his athletic skills show best in basketball. As with Jordan, when you can identify certain strengths that set an organization well apart from actual and potential competitors. (The Saylor Foundation, n.d). Weaknesses on the other hand would refer to factors that are likely to have a negative effect on (or be a barrier to) achieving the school’s objectives; Opportunities are external factors that are likely to have a positive effect on achieving or exceeding the school’s objectives, or goals not previously considered. Opportunities would assess the external attractive factors that represent the reason for a business to exist and prosper. These are external to the business. What opportunities exist ...

... middle of paper ... with the level of work being demanded of them forcing the teachers to spend too much time trying to get every child to grasp, could it be teachers not planning well enough, or is it because of the high rate of absenteeism by teachers.

Secondary data sources included school documents showing yearly calendars, student test results, sample weekly lesson plans, the internet, CXC reports, and school reports.

The sampling

The relevant population identified to conduct the research was the staff of the Goodwill Secondary School. The sample frame was the Math and Business department which consists of 15 teachers who teach a variety of subjects but specialize in either math or business. A total of 15 questionnaires were prepared and given to the teachers in the department. These teachers were asked various questions in order to extract as much information as possible.

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