Internal And External Environmental Factors Affecting Hr Specialist Essay example

Internal And External Environmental Factors Affecting Hr Specialist Essay example

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HRM comprises a set of policies designed to maximize organizational integration, Employee commitment, flexibility and quality of work. (Guest, 1987) as cited by (Armstrong, 2009) this statement entails that HRM function has policies to guide its activities, if these policies are well integrated with the strategy of the organization, it can enhance employee commitment and result in quality of work, as cited by (Armstrong, 2009) that the overall purpose of human resource management is to ensure that the organization is able to achieve success through people, however the function of HRM is affected by several other factors, this essay will look at three Internal and external environmental factors affecting HR Specialist.

External Factors
The work of HR specialist is not only affected by the internal factors, there are also external environmental factors that influence how HR specialist operates. In this section, I am going to discuss factors that influence the Practice of HR in organizations, from outside the scope of the organization. The factors include Political, Legislation and Regulations, Actions of Competitors and Economy of the country

Political/Legislation/ Regulations
In every country Political decisions affect business, there are governing rules put in place to control or facilitate activities, inevitably HR Specialist must follow rules stipulated in the environment in which they operate. All of the policies for human resource management should be in accordance with legal necessities. Firms should behave in the flame of regulations which are the implementation of laws or putting it into practice. (Genc, 2014) Regulations which must be followed include Labour law and quality standards. In general HR Specialist must mak...

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...rises generally have centralized organizational structure and so, is decision making.
For example, Chibuku Products Limited is in Blantyre, Lilongwe, Mangochi and Mzuzu, Managers from each site is responsible for daily operations and management of the brewery, they only report to Head office on daily sales and major issues.

In conclusion, the Practice of Human Resources Management effectiveness is largely dependent on a number factors outside its scope, in this essay, I have talked about three Internal environmental factors affecting the practice which are Technology, Leadership and Size of the organization and External environmental factors affecting HR Practice which include Political, Legislation and Regulations, Actions of Competitors and Economy of the country, and also how all these factors may positively or negatively impact on the work of HR Specialists.

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