Internal and External Conflicts Experienced by Characters in Araby & Metamorphosis by Joyce and Kafka

Internal and External Conflicts Experienced by Characters in Araby & Metamorphosis by Joyce and Kafka

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Araby & Metamorphosis
In today's time rather than knowing if an action is right, individuals act upon circumstances that they think is right. In short stories, James Joyce writes about a young boy in "Araby" and Franz Kafka writes about Gregor Samsa in "Metamorphosis". Both characters face internal and external problems throughout these stories, also sharing similarities and differences throughout. The young boy falls for his friends sister Mangan, who makes his life an illusion by her being the person he is caught up with. Gregor Samsa transforms into an enormous insect, which makes it difficult for him to cope with his normal family. Unfortunately things these characters consider that will take place next, took the opposite direction. This results to their downfall, by both characters failing by suffering isolation and alienation. The young boy is isolated with reality and is alienated with his home town. Gregor Samsa is isolated from himself by not knowing what to do as he is an insect, and creates him to be alienated from his family. The young boy and Gregor Samsa are both trying to find there way out of the isolation and alienation they face, by trying to find who they really are before all of these changes took place to them.
“Araby" by James Joyce, doesn’t identify the protagonist with a name. This shows that the young boy has no sense of who he is and causes him isolation to find out who he is. This story beings with a description of the setting with a mood of loneliness and darkness. “An uninhabited house of two storeys stood at the blind end…the other houses of the street, conscious of decent lives within them, gazed at one another with brown imperturbable faces” (107). This shows that the young boy lives on a ...

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...rth" (Kafka 147). Gregor’s death depicts his failure of him dying alone in his room. He was isolated with his normal life and aliented with his family which created him to have no one to be with where as he died with nothing to live for anymore. In conclusion, the young boy and Gregor Samsa wanted happiness within their lives but ended up as the opposite. The paths that these characters wanted to go in only lasted them for a certain time. The young boy was able to talk to Mangans sister but then at the end it was just a lesson learnt for him by going to Araby. Gregor Samsa was able to cooperate with his family as an insect but that only lasted a while until he became a burden to his family. It shows that these characters were isolated from who they were in the mind and then alienated by who they wanted to please the most, as in Mangns sister and Gregor’s family.

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