Internal And External Assessments Of Post University Online Education Essay

Internal And External Assessments Of Post University Online Education Essay

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There has been an enormous demand and increase in online education serving working adults and students at home and aboard. According to (“The 50 Best Online Colleges” n.d.) “a 2015 report by Babson Research titled, Tracking Online Education in the United States, today the number of college students learning online exceeds 7 million (para, 2). Online Universities and Colleges now challenged to deliver quality content to their online students. Prospective students have the ability to shop for only program that allow them to attain a degree exclusively online. The Best Schools Online also states that “with the overall higher education student body in the U.S. currently at 21 million, that means one out of three college students is taking at least one course entirely online (para, 2). This paper will focus on the internal and external analyses of Post University online education programs, examining their product quality, innovation, and responsiveness to their customers.

Post University was founded 1890 as the Matoon Shorthand School. The university offered education-training programs such as typing, bookkeeping, business writing and shorthand courses (“History” n.d.). The University has evolved and is presently one of the largest providers of traditional and online educational degree programs. Post University online offers graduate degrees, graduate certificates, undergraduate degrees, undergraduate certificates and undergraduate minors. The internal and external analyses of Post online programs will examine their product quality, ability to innovate and their responsiveness to customers. The use of internal and external analyses “give managers the information they need to choose the strategy and business model that wil...

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...holders better” (para, 1). Phillips (2014). reports some of the trends for 2015 and beyond are “data whisperers” reporting to foundation that their grant are working, “Big Data” right sized, have to do with having the right data available at the right time in meeting students needs, and college competition as a collective responsibility.
In short, continued analysis of internal and external operations and product development should be a continued focus of Post University. Implementing new online programs will increase attendance and attract new customers. Application of innovative ideas to improve online program quality will enrich the university’s programs, giving their customers quality-learning experiences. In addition, adding systems and programs to measure staff response and resolution times dealing with customers issues can help Post to become more efficient.

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