Intern, My Work Performance, And My Personal Benefits Essay

Intern, My Work Performance, And My Personal Benefits Essay

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My intern consists of eighty hours of side by side with one of the best criminal defense attorneys ever and observations in court settings. It was a pleasure to work side by side with Attorney LeCruise. I was able to use my knowledge from past criminal justice classes and apply it to the best intern I ever did. My day would consist up meeting up with Attorney LeCruise and observe her interactions with her clients. It was a pleasure working with Attorney LeCrusie. This purpose of the paper is explained three main highlights I learned from my intern, my work performance, and my personal benefits.

Three main highlights:
This intern was extremely interesting. It was a pleasure to work side by side with amazing attorney. I learned many things about the criminal justice system hands on. However, there were three highlights of the intern that stuck with me. The first highlight of my intern that I learned, is that clients fail to realize that the criminal defense always try to do what’s best for them. At times the clients are under the impression that the criminal defense advice isnt the best interest for them. Many offenders have the perspective that the criminal defense is out to get them. This is not always the case. The procustors are the ones whom are trying to give the heaviest sentence ever! Seen it with too many cases within my eighty hour intern! The Commonwealth, they are no one to play with lightly. Clients would agree to a plea bargain then the judge ask if it’s their final answer, and they would ask the judge to speak with their attorney again. I explain all this because the clients don’t consider what the criminal defense advice. According, to LaCruise she states that it is very hard for her to get her clients to unders...

... middle of paper ... intern and the field I am studying. I would like to state that the criminal justice field is very interesting it’s more than passing a couple of classes. You have to know what you are doing and everything is taken serious. The criminal justice field comes with knowledge and experience.
The overall experience was amazing. The intern taught me how life is from every angle is it in the criminal justice system. Again, as I stated before everyone have a job in the criminal justice field and it’s not taken lightly. I was able to toughen up my skin. I would have never survived anyone’s workforce with my mind frame I began with. I gained knowledge from a very professional educated individual. I explained my most important three main highlights of my total experience, my overall work experience, and how this intern had a major impact on my personal benefits.

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