Intern : An Intern 's Dilemma Essay

Intern : An Intern 's Dilemma Essay

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An Intern’s Dilemma
Working well with others, especially those in a position of authority is a sought after characteristic for employers. However, disrupting the stagnant norm for good reason is essential for community and business growth, particularly when it concerns ethics. Leaders are created by the hard decisions they make that develops influence over others, regardless of the delegation of power.
Describe what Mark Identified as being unethical.
Mark was asked by the Asia office executives of a technology company, he desired to intern for, to conduct a project of gathering information on competitors in his area. Mark was told to identify himself as a Harvard Business School student, rather than admitting his affiliation to the technology firm, so that he could obtain more sensitive information. Mark believed that misrepresenting himself in this way was unethical, and he was not comfortable doing so.
Were the actions Mark felt were unethical aligned with the corporate culture and values? Describe.
Mark spoke with the CEO of the company in the U.S. on the topic of ethics corporate wide and he got the impression that the company valued a high standard of ethical behavior. For this reason I believe the answer is no, Mark felt that the Asia based firms ethics were not being held to the company’s expectations and that there was some miscommunications in multiple locations overseas.
Analyze how Mark handled the situation. Did he explore all angles of this action to determine if it was unethical? Did the differences in countries, the U.S. versus Asia, impact the situation? As an intern, explain how you would have handled this situation.
Mark believed that not telling competitors about his affiliation with the tech firm was fr...

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...t or voice their concern in a uniformed and or unthoughtful manner, taking away from their credibility and influence. A leader must be able to tactfully address concerns, no matter their current position.
Conflicts with personal morals and company policy arise for each individual in the workforce, no matter the title or position they carry. This case study encourages to stand up for good ethical behavior, making ripples in the uncontested waters, for good reason is influential conduct and should be considered an asset. People that never contest bad ethical behavior will quickly find themselves sinking in the quicksand of the easy wrong, having a difficult time pulling themselves back out on moral ground. Learning good business ethics before entering the workforce and cultivating those ethics throughout time is an essential practice to becoming a respectable leader.

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