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The Interior Of The Club Essay

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The interior of the club nearly, identically, replicated my assumptions of what it would look like. The main room was of a dank and dilapidated appearance, where curtains once strung across the top of the two window panes facing main street of Opal were then worn, tattered, and hanging by threads at both ends; and there was, what appeared to be, a once marvelous glass chandelier descending from the middle of the ceiling, however, it then looked as if it had exhausted its lifestyle of magnificent lighting and appearance. The whole establishment smelled of must and lament, and the limited lighting, at the expense of the dreary weather outside, only enhanced its miserable demeanor.
Margaret continued ahead and walked along the left wall of the main area until she came across a counter containing two drawers, of which contained, after witnessing her open both, matches in the left, and several candlesticks in the right. She grabbed the box of matches and two candlesticks, slowly rolled the two drawers back into their rightful places, ignited the two candles, lit her way back towards me, and graciously handed the candle in her left hand to me. “I told you this place was nasty,” she said in a playfully condescending tone, of which I agreed. It was both literally and metaphorically nasty.
I continued to scan the room, which was slightly more visible at the hand of the candle light, and found a narrow staircase along the right perimeter of the main area, ascending to a second floor that consisted of only one room, of which I assumed to be the manager or owner’s office. Following the glow of the second lit candle, I watched as Margaret took for the staircase and slowly began ascending towards the office, pausing to face me, erecting her...

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...n satirical anticipation, her eyes widened and reflected the dancing glow of the candlelight, which mirrored a view of a distant star shone upon a galaxy, and placed her two clinched fists under her chin and plopped her elbows atop the table, waiting for me to resume where I left off. “The good new is, you didn’t,” I stated, and, upon finishing, Margaret quickly leaned back into her chair, so that her back was now pasted to the back support, and slowly and silently opened her mouth in astonishment.
“You don’t say?” she exclaimed quite loudly, “what excellent news! And to think, here I believed I had passed away. Bless your soul for your analysis and reassurance, Dr. Davis.” The air stood stagnant, and the room remained silent for several seconds until we both could no longer withhold our laughter, and conjoined our jovial frequencies in harmonious fashion.

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