Intergenerational Conflicts Are An Undeniable Facet Of Life Essay

Intergenerational Conflicts Are An Undeniable Facet Of Life Essay

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Intergenerational conflicts are an undeniable facet of life. With every generation of society comes new experiences, new ideas, and many times new morals. It is the parent’s job go work around these differences to reach their children and ensure they receive the necessary lessons for life. Flannery O’Connor makes generous use of this idea in several of her works. Within each of the three short stories, we see a very strained relationship between a mother figure and their child. We quickly find that O’Conner sets up the first to be receive the brunt of our attention and to some extent loathing, but as we grow nearer to the work’s characteristic sudden and violent ending, we grow to see the finer details and what really makes these relations tear.
In the first short essay being analyzed, we’re told of a small family taking a road trip to Florida. Within this family is a rather troublesome and frankly a bit clichéd mother (being the husband’s in this case) whose sole issue appears to be being herself. Readers are made to see her as complaining and overall very unpleasant to the rest of the family, especially the two young parents. It is absolutely clear that Bailey very much dislikes his mother, taking a dismissive stance to her, “Bailey didn 't look up from his reading so she wheeled around then and faced the children 's mother” and certainly not entertaining to her pleasure, “She asked Bailey if he would like to dance but he only glared at her.” However, soon readers start to see another side of this story, one which explains the situation more than what is initially offered by O’Conner. The differences in personal beliefs and ideologies between Bailey and his mother cause a major rift. It’s implied that perhaps she was not a very ...

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...failures, and refused to accept the facts of her own life, and that really was her downfall; the bull just finished the job.
I believe O’Conner played on several very important ideas in these three conflicts. Of these, I think that the one that most adequately captures each one is the idea that we must ensure we check upon that which is most important to us often, as often people become tunnel visioned and lose focus on who or what makes them “good.” The issues stemming from generational gaps are also shown very clearly. The stories also contain important truths of life, shown in the form of themes within her stories. These themes include racism, faith in God, the cruelty and negativity of the world, and also remembering and recognizing the past. While O’Conner’s methods may be unconventional, I think she did a good job of depicting these facets of life in her works.

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