Interests Groups in the American Political System Essay

Interests Groups in the American Political System Essay

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Agricultural interest groups have always received some sort of aid from the government. The justification for this is quite obvious, in fact, but will still be defined. One reason for the help is that there are so many different farmers in the United States that farm different things. Many of these farmers are not part of any other farming industry and are autonomous. Because of the lack of clearly definite major parties that the United States market depends on for produce goods, each individual farming establishment has to be considered as an equal to the other. And because of the governments interest to keep costs of goods at a low and affordable, non-fluctuating price, the government often buys stocks worth of goods from individual farmer to try to help them out. These perfectly good produce then in turn sits in a huge warehouse and rots away. Another determining factor in all of the farming industry is the obvious play of weather. Mother Nature sometimes can bring forces so overwhelming that crops are often destroyed. At other times, Mother Nature decides not to share any kind of precipitation at all, and so often, crops that cannot be irrigated are ruined because of drought and dryness. Things such as these and others all play as a major factor in the successful operation of a farm. The AFBF, of the American Farm Bureau Federation, is the largest of the general farm organizations. They have a count of over 2 million members in every state but Alaska, and according to Wilson, is the only organization that has enough stature to represent all other American agriculture. The basis and intention of the AFBF was it is our duty in creating this organization to avoid and policy which will align organized farmers with the radicals of ...

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...corporative sponsorship, and could not be what the public wanted at all in the first place. Problems such as these could appear at any time during a lobbyist’s day and lifetime. One lobbying method not mentioned in many of the lobbying literature is the fact that lobbying is done with the Executive as well as senators. The reason for the inept documentation is that it is much harder to fully represent all of the interactions precisely as they should be. There are so many meetings within the day that it is often harder to document as studies then with the Congress. However, many advances by lobbyists are taking place as more vigorous methods with all House and Chamber members. This is just to improve the better of our societal views, to make sure points, issues, and memorandums are fully understood before votes can be casted.

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