Interesting Facts of Mississipi History Essay

Interesting Facts of Mississipi History Essay

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The reason why I am writing this report of the state is to say some facts about Mississippi history. Mississippi is famous for the shrimp, cotton, and the famous river of the state. African American in Mississippi were not allow to vote because they were not allowed to register to vote. They have to fill out a 22 questionnaire that asked registrants to interpret the Mississippi constitution. Answers were verified by some illiterate registrars. But any Caucasian person wishing to register was allowed without questions.
The first topic in this paragraph is about a heart transplant and lung transplant and how the teddy bear was made. According to Mississippi Mississippi is known for its first ever human lung transplant which happened in 1963 at Mississippi medical center and on January 23 1964 the first animal heart transplant was performed by Dr. James D. Hardy in Mississippi but it was not successful because he was trying to transfer a chimpanzee heart to a human body. He did this because the chimpanzee was the only thing he had to give to the person. The monke...

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