Interdependence Liberalism on Sino- U.S. Relationship Essays

Interdependence Liberalism on Sino- U.S. Relationship Essays

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Sino-U.S trade relationship becomes a main concern as it shows economic interaction between the world largest economy and the second largest economy. After China joined World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001, there is a sharp increase in economic performance. Therefore, the Sino-US trade relation from 2001 to 2011 will be explored in the following sections. Generally, Sino-U.S relationship is peaceful in terms of interdependence liberalism. In terms of Marxism, it is an asymmetrical relationship.

Application of Interdependence Liberalism in Sino- U.S. trade relation

Interdependence Liberalism
Karrbo and Ray (2010) define Liberalism as “a theoretical perspective emphasizing interdependence between states and sub-state actors as the key characteristic of the international system” (p.6). International affairs are applied by strong faith in reason and rational principles (Toru, 2013). Long run cooperation is preferable because of mutual interest (Toru, 2013). For Interdependence Liberalism, it is believed that interdependence reduces inter-state conflict. During the process of modernization, the level of interdependence increase. Trading increase interdependence among state that economic interdependence leading to political integration and peace (Toru, 2013). The costs of using force increased and the benefit decreased that military force become a less useful instrument of policy (Toru, 2013). States are more concern with economic and social affairs. They cooperate together to achieve some goal. The economic dependence between international actors is mainly reflected in the volume of trade between the actors, the number of foreign investment, import and export accounted for the proportion of GDP, net capital flows amo...

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...of the wages. Labors need to work under military management. They are suffered from high pressure. Therefore, there a more than 20 workers committed suicide these years (SACOM, 2011).
From the evidence mention above implicates Sino-U.S trade relationship is asymmetrical. China cannot get sensible return under U.S lead world-capitalist system. Upward mobility is reduced which limits development of China.

To conclude, Sino-U.S relationship is a peaceful. But world capitalist system creates core-peripheral relationship which makes U.S is on the higher stage while China is on the lower stage. China is unable to deal with it. This causes conflicts between China and U.S. However, under the prevailing world trend of pursuing peace, Both China and U.S will try their best to deal with economic conflicts by soft means. Status of China will be improved in future.

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