Essay about The Intercultural Development Inventory ( Idi )

Essay about The Intercultural Development Inventory ( Idi )

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I did not particularly learn anything new about myself, but the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) enabled me to reflect more about my culture and beliefs. I had expected myself to be in the polarization stage as I recognize that I often try not to identify the similarities of a different cultures. I also realize that I tend to have the “us” and “them” judgmental orientation about the culture in Malaysia and the culture in the United States of America. I tend to recognize the differences, but differentiate them and fail to observe the similarities within these differences. For example, the level of respect given to authority and to people who are older than me is practiced differently in my culture and in the Western culture. I had observed the difference in the level of respect, and often failed to realize that there are some similarities such as addressing the elderly and people in authority by Sir, Madam, and Miss.
The polarization stage is divided into two forms, which are defense and reversal. Looking at my IDI profile, the reversal form was slightly higher than the defense form. Coming from a country with multiple subcultures, there are times I was taught to respect other cultures and do what they are doing unless their culture is of a different religion. Since I am currently living in America, I believe that I should try to adapt to the culture here if does not go against my Christian beliefs. This does not mean that my culture is less significant than the culture I am immersed in. I adapt to the culture here in order to avoid conflicts. When I compare the Chinese culture with the American culture, there are some aspects I disagree with my culture. One aspect is the methods used to discipline children. I believe t...

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...uld learn to recognize that the other culture has some benefits too. I should be more open-minded. For example, I should not categorize the culture of America as one culture and disregard the subcultures, such as the North and South areas of the United States of America. At the same time, being aware of my own culture enables one to interact with other cultures. If I am not interested in my culture, then I would not be interested to learn more about other cultures. I would also try to learn from others who are familiar with the other culture that is not my own. By learning more and having more exposure to the other culture, I would be able to continue to improve and move on to the other stages of intercultural competence. These are areas that I should improve and methods to develop intercultural competence, and hopefully reach to the minimization stage.

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