Interconnection Devices Are Used For A Modern Network Essay

Interconnection Devices Are Used For A Modern Network Essay

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Interconnection devices are commonly needed in a modern network, from the interface that allows one computer to communicate with two or more computers. There are few examples of interconnection devices such as hub, switch, and router.

A hub is a common connection point for devices in a network. It is generally a small, sometimes flat, plastic box with many ports on the back. There are numerous ports so that you can connect many computers. It has LED lights that light up in the front so you are able to identify when it 's in operation.

The function of a hub is that it lets communications between devices to occur so that data and information can be transferred from one PC to another. A hub is generally used in a small Local Area Network also most commonly known as LAN. A hub is generally the most simple and cheapest method of linking some computers so that they can share resources and communicate like the Internet also known as the World Wide Web.

There are three different types of hub, which are passive, active and intelligent hubs. A passive hub will transfer and receive data...

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