InterClean Human Capital

InterClean Human Capital

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InterClean Human Capital
InterClean is a very profitable monster that, if can create the products and services that its clients need, could be at the top place in the market. The company is facing the problem that clients need more effectives in the results of the cleanings, it is because of the previously said that they have to focus on that maintain the cleaned area save for those who use it. The most subtle to this situation are health care industry; they need to follow very strict rules in order to be able to expire with the regulations assigned to this industry.
The strategic leadership bears the strategies and the management of the niche on the part of the leaders who fix the course for the organization. InterClean must consider the capacity of the organization to take to end its institutional function as well as it must examine the way in which the organization handles human relations and interactions related to the work. The structure identifies the links between the form in which the organization and its mission is ruled as well as the functions that recover the human resources and the finance in the daily activities of the organization.
In the business context of today, in which the hyper-competition and the globalization are the factors that shape and define the success or failure of the companies, only there exist two ways of generating competitive advantage: (1) To learn of our clients and to make it more rapid than the competition, (2) To use this knowledge to satisfy those specific needs and to make it equally more rapid than the competition. To generate these competitive advantages, it is necessary to be employed at the creation, maintenance and growth of the relations with the clients. Nevertheless, such relations cannot be established if it is not known, or at least it recognizes each of its clients. Each of them is different and represents a value idem for the company, and the company represents also a different value for each of them.
InterClean wants the development and the growth of the business, for this it must develop new ideas of business by means of an original approximation to the comprehension of the markets of services. The company needs a philosophy of business that places the market in the center of the business activity and tools that allow it to exploit opportunities still not tarts.

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The speed of the changes accelerates, and the competition becomes increasingly fierce, the best response is to innovate to be successful. David Spencer must develop his skills to identify, create and take advantage of the windows of opportunity before these are evident for the whole world.
InterClean team can achieve to finish this operation of transformation. The team is composed by capable people who can take the company to the first place in the market, especially now that the company bought their biggest competitors. The members of the team come of diverse departments and specialties, and could work as the quite harmonic one and to be able and capable of obtaining the awaited results that are complex, and risky. In the work team the cohesion is fundamental; there must be a narrow collaboration between the members. Therefore, every member dominates a certain facet and realizes a concrete part of the project.
The leadership capacity is the fundamental element for InterClean's success, given the situation of strong changes to which the organization is submitted. But the leadership must do effective in all levels of the company and in contingencies ways. In this cultural transformation, the leadership seems to oversee the characteristic of possessing an external perspective and a control of the internal factors of the company.
Human Capital Concepts Worksheet
Concept Application of Concept in the Scenario Reference to Concept in Reading
Organizational Capability
InterClean has the aptitude to use its resources in the accomplishment of its activities. If the unit of analysis is the organization itself, there can evaluate all the resources, systems and processes that the organization opens, to support on its labor. An examination of the systems and practices of management related to the human, financial resources and of infrastructure it helps to understand the use of the organizational resources.
InterClean can achieve a better position that the rivals to assure the clients and to defend itself against the competitive forces. They can create many sources of competitive advantages: Creation of the product with the highest quality, provide a service superior to the clients, to achieve minor costs in the rivals, to have a better geographical location, to design a product that has a better yield that the marks of the competition. The traditional way to think about gaining competitive advantage has been to focus on a company's financial, strategic, and technological capabilities. Dave Ulrich and Dale Lake argue, however, that for contemporary businesses these traditional means of gaining competitive advantage must "be supplemented by organizational capability—the firm's ability to manage people to gain competitive advantage."(Dreher and Dougherty, 2001)
Employee and Career
Development Systems
To have described the profiles of the positions of the organization and to manage the performance of the personnel are the necessary base tools to be able to design the career of professionals. After fixing the goals, and of doing a follow-up and alteration throughout the year, there comes the moment of the evaluation and of the interview of performance with the immediate superior. Managers of firms that perform well need to be familiar with key aspects of systems that help employees to acquire knowledge, skills, and abilities relevant to their work. These managers also must be able to recognize when a training system is likely to be effective. In this chapter you will
• See the value of adopting a systematic approach to employee training and development.
• Learn about the key components of the (1) assessment phase, (2) training and development phase, and (3) evaluation phase of a systematic approach.
• See how to determine when the conditions are right for implementing training and development initiatives in your organization.
• Understand the value of promoting career and personal development opportunities for employees, and the role of succession planning in these efforts.
Organizing for Success
For InterClean success they most check on the sales department and consider:
• Change culture of formation, political, incentives, forms of measurement.
• Alignment of the processes with and learning.
• Migration of contents, provision of contents.
• Planning, budgets, strategy of formation, changes in the management "Top-performing companies pay a great deal of attention to a number of common motivational factors, or needs. Robert Waterman—who wrote the landmark
book In Search of Excellence with Tom Peters—argues that
top-performing companies provide employees with
• Something to believe in.
• A feeling of control.
• Job challenge.
• The opportunity to engage in lifelong learning.
• Recognition for achievements." (Dreher and Dougherty, 2001)
Behavioral Impact of HRM Practices
In InterClean it is possible that there are attitudes of rejection, cause by the fear of losing the job. Also it can give place to labor conflicts, low performance, bad quality of the services, disciplinary problems, etc. The organizational costs associated with negative attitudes of the personnel can reduce the competitiveness of the organization.
A behavioral effective administration constant directed to creating a favorable labor climate and a human environment of support and confidence in an organization can contribute to the generation of favorable attitudes.
The organizational climate can be link or obstacle of good performance for the company, can be a factor of distinction and influence in the behavior of those who integrate it. "The knowledge and skills required to perform jobs at a high level of proficiency vary greatly within and across companies. Also, employees are not perfectly substitutable: Within any given labor market, individuals are likely to differ with respect to the possession of knowledge, skills, and other important job-related attributes. Therefore, firms that are better than their competitors at selecting, developing, and motivating employees should have an advantage over their counterparts." (Dreher and Dougherty, 2001)
Training and Skill Development The Interclean training most consists in the skills of training and learning in the development of the human resources. The development of human resources stimulates to achieving a better quality, efficiency and productivity in the companies and simultaneously it foments higher commitment in the personnel. The training must allow the development of the human capital at the same time as to the organization. "High-performing firms display a greater commitment to training and skill development than their lower-performing counterparts. This practice, a core HRM activity, is related to other ideas about the need for continuous improvement and development over time" (Dreher and Dougherty, 2001)
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