Interaction With Individual And Where It Took Place Essay

Interaction With Individual And Where It Took Place Essay

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Interaction with Individual and Where it Took Place:
Interaction with the chosen individual took place at Health Drive in New Bern, NC at 8:30am on Friday, September 25, 2015. The selected individual was an African American female with whom no previous contact had been made, the individual was chosen due to her diagnosis of Schizophrenia. The chosen individual represents the population of mentally ill adults who are unable to function without assistance or guidance within their daily lives. Participating in this interaction gave the individual the ability accurately represent not only herself, but other adults who are living dependently on others due to their mental illness.
Barriers Prior to Interaction
Upon approaching this interaction, there were many barriers that were anticipated; the unknown of how volatile this person could be, would they be willing to communicate, would the individual’s unordered thinking effect the interviewer’s ability to understand what they were trying to communicate. Furthermore, had the individual’s diagnoses affected their schooling, would the individual be able to communicate effectively on an intellectual level? If there is a learning deficit what are appropriate questions to ask, or activities to participate in so that the individual will engage appropriately with the interviewer. What would be the best possible way to obtain this personal information, if at all? Additionally, there is a societal impression that there is something to be feared from a person who is suffering from Schizophrenia (“Schizophrenia: Public Attitudes, Personal Needs" p. 3).
Strengths Of the Individual
During the interaction the strengths of the individual began to take shape. While she spoke in a very low tone an...

... middle of paper ...

... that people who not afflicted with mental illness receive has been proven to unfounded. This interaction proved that individuals who are diagnosed with a mental illness still have valuable contributions to make within society if they are allowed. Those have a diagnosed mental illness are over looked due to the fear of the unknown.
Throughout the interaction with an individual with a mental illness, while there were observable differences, there was a striking difference to the image that society paints and what is reality. Having the opportunity to acknowledge and dispel the disillusions that are associated with this specific population was an experience that is not one to soon be forgotten. Overall, the positive image that the individual presented, can be attributed to the treatment options that are continuously carried out for the individuals benefit.

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