Interaction With A Nicu Infant Essay

Interaction With A Nicu Infant Essay

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Interaction with a NICU infant requires interventions that affect the parental/infant bond (Skene, Franck, Curtis, & Gerrish, 2012). The anticipation of a parent being able to establish the parent/infant bond creates a relationship of vigilance with the providers of care, the nurses (Carr, 2014; Drozdowicz, 2014. Often, the mother becomes the primary parent, or gatekeeper, for the NICU infant; requiring touch, visualization, presence, and response to the neonate (Coyle, 2011). Conversely, the NICU present barriers confounding the attachment progress and include: (a) equipment such as incubator, ventilator, and feeding tubes reducing touch, (b) alarms on equipment defeating moments of bonding, and (c) around-the-clock nursing presence at the bedside. These barriers, intent to be interventions to promote health, can create parent/infant separation. Nevertheless, these are also opportunities to incorporate family vigilance and presence during acute hospitalization, creating secondary bonding relationship with the nurse whose goal is to reconnect the family unit (Carr, 2014; Drozdowicz, 2014; Hall et al., 2012; Sweet & Mannix, 2007).
Learning how to parent is a harsh theme for the first-time parent in the NICU, such as CD (Skene, et al., 2012). The anxiety of holding an infant with a mechanical ventilation device can create uncertainty, powerlessness, or possible freezing the transition into parenthood (Edell-Gustafsson et al., 2014; Imber-Black, 2015; Vollman, 2014). This also creates an obstacle in the health literacy of the parent’s involvement with the NICU infant care requirements. Communication requires the parent(s) to share growing knowledge of inquiry about their premature neonate with providers, developing a bond of trust ...

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... mother, traditionally creates the strongest parent/infant bond but may be hesitant to allow attachment, shielding herself from the possible grieving of the NICU infant experience or life-shortening illness (Imber-Black, 2014).
Interventions to enhance coping in parents with NICU infants have not kept pace with the technological advances of the care received (Melnyk, Crean, Feinstein, & Fairbanks, 2009). The emotional and financial burden on the families affects family resiliency. Promotion of a COPE program (Creating Opportunities for Parent Empowerment) has a powerful impact on maternal emotions, providing maternal confidence in caring for the NICU infant and discharge to home (Melnyk et al., 2009). Monitoring the maternal emotional response to role alteration allows opportunity to enhancing communication and promoting transition to the home (Melnyk et al., 2009).

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