Interaction Between State And Local Governments Essay

Interaction Between State And Local Governments Essay

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Interaction between State and Local Governments
Most states have an executive branch that consists of lieutenant Governor, the attorney general, and secretary of the state, auditors, and commissioners. Every state has a governor that heads the executive committee. When it comes to the executive, committee States retain the right to be organized in any way that best meets the needs of their people.
All fifty states have a legislature that considers matters initiated by the Governor of the state or they have it introduced and made into law. The legislature also endorses the state budget and initiates tax legislation. All states except for Nebraska have a bicameral legislature, which consist of an upper house and lower house. The two chambers create state law and fulfill other governing tasks.
The state judicial branch is usually led by the state supreme court. The structure of the courts and judicial appointments are determined by the state constitution. The Supreme Courts job is to examine and correct wrongs made in the lower courts, however, if questions are raised about whether or not the decision aligns with the U.S. Constitution then the matter be sent to the U.S. Supreme Court.
Local government consists of two levels counties and cities. The structures of these two are defined in the state’s constitution and are usually organized around a populated area, but can vary in size greatly. The local government takes the responsibility for the local needs of the community such as police and fire services, emergency services, municipal courts, public transportation, and public works (White House, 2014).

The local government can make local ordinances for the residents of their communities, but they must be within the range that is...

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...many young people as possible to the dangers of genital herpes. Most young adults have never even heard of the disease until it strikes them or one of their friends and do not realize unlike other STD’s it is not curable.
At the five year mark from implementation of the program I would like to review the rate of STD’s in community to see if it has fallen. If it has fallen even one percent I would call the program a success however, I would like to see at least a 3 percent drop in the rate of STD’s.
Eighty percent of the adults that are infected with genital herpes are not aware that they have contacted the disease. If my program can keep one person from contacting the disease then I will feel that I have made a difference in my community. Often times we forget that striving towards small changes will eventually lead to larger changes in the community.

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