Inter-professional Healthcare Teams Essay

Inter-professional Healthcare Teams Essay

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Inter-professional or multidisciplinary healthcare teams are groups of health
rofessionals from different disciplines collaborating to provide care to patients. Effectively coordinated and collaborative inter-professional teams are essential to the care and treatment of patients (Rowlands & Callen, 2013; Doyle, 2008; Ruhstaller, Roe, Thürlimann & Nicoll, 2006; Simpson & Patton, 2012, p. 300). Communication is a process of conferring information between individuals through use of speech, writing or various other means, and is critical to the success of a multidisciplinary team (MDT) (Higgs, McAllister & Sefton, 2012, p. 5; Rowlands & Callen, 2013; Sargeant, Loney & Murphy, 2008). An MDT must use multiple strategies to enhance communication and ensure their success (Doyle, 2008). An effective MDT generates opportunities that benefit healthcare, which is the reason for the recent dominance of inter-professional care in health practice (Simpson & Patton, 2012, p. 300; Rowlands & Callen, 2013). Many barriers prevent effective communication within inter-professional teams. Lack of communication within MDTs presents challenges to their success, leading to numerous consequences, including the failure of the MDT (London Deanery, 2012; Sargeant et al, 2008). Communication between professionals is the key factor underpinning the potential success or failure of inter-professional teams, the outcome of the functioning of MDTs will either benefit or impair care of patients.

Inter-professional teams require work and effort from all individuals to achieve
successful communication (Sargeant et al, 2008; London Deanery, 2012). The collaboration and degree of communication within an MDT directly influences the level of care given to patients (Ru...

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...A Qualitative Analysis of Communication
Between Members of a Hospital-based Multidisciplinary Lung Cancer Team. European Journal of Cancer Care, 22(1), 20-31. doi: 10.1111/ecc.12004

Ruhstaller, T., Roe, H., Thürlimann, B., & Nicoll, J. (2006). The multidisciplinary
meeting: An indispensable aid to communication between different specialities. European Journal Of Cancer, 42(15), 2459-2462. doi: 10.1016/j.ejca.2006.03.034

Sargeant, J., Loney, E., & Murphy, G. (2008). Effective interprofessional teams:
"Contact is Not Enough" to Build a Team. Journal Of Continuing Education In The Health Professions, 28(4), 228-234, doi: 10.1002/chp.189

Simpson, M., & Patton, N. (2012). Leadership in Health Practice. In J. Higgs, R. Ajjawi, L.
McAllister, F. Trede & S. Loftus (Eds.) Communicating in the Health Sciences (3rd ed.). (pp. 299-306). Melbourne: Oxford University Press

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