Intelligent Traffic Surveillance System Essay

Intelligent Traffic Surveillance System Essay

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Abstract- Due to the traffic accidents over the last few years; the development of surveillance systems with multifunctional techniques has received increasing attention. The use of the smart camera is one solution to solve the traffic problems, Smart cameras are cameras that can perform tasks far beyond simply taking photos and recording videos. Intelligent Traffic Surveillance System (ITSS) is used to monitor the roads in preventing accidents at the same time finding what causes the accidents. This is done by implementing some image vision protocols as that of Gaussian and Canny. This paper will discuss about the camera-video-surveillance capabilities of tracking across different and varied road environments including detection of moving vehicles. The programming method used will be the functional programming of OpenCV which could be operated under both, Windows and Linux OS. This paper will also examine the result of the combination of computer vision programming and the network socket programming under GNU Linux. At the end, this paper will attempt to address a discussion on design issues, challenges and the future directions of this research.

Keywords: Intelligent Traffic Surveillance System ITSS, Smart camera, Image vision, OpenCV, Socket programming, GNU/Linux

1. Introduction
Object recognition and detection is an important element of various computer vision fields. The basic goal is to find an object in static images or video frames. Most of the times, this task can be handled by extracting certain image features, such as edges, color regions, textures, contours, shapes ,etc. Then, some techniques are applied in order to find configurations and combinations of those features of the object that one wants to detect....

... middle of paper ...

...ystem. The systems have been checked with different processors speed ,2.6 GHz CPU processor, 2,2 GHz CPU processor and 1.2 GHz CPU processor the result is illustrated by table 1; note that the time average count in ms.

6. Conclusion
A traffic surveillance system designed to monitor the safety level of the highway or motorways and it able to be used in any background view also it works in rainy and sunny days even in the night ; vehicle detection algorithm was designed used both Canny and Gaussian protocols. The background real time updated and it useful for doing background subtraction, then the vehicles was accurately detected. A video vehicle detection system was developed under GNU-Linux with C programming using OpenCV function. The result as attach in this paper beyond the expectation as its purpose for traffic surveillance system.

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