Essay on Intelligent Multiple-level Parking Space

Essay on Intelligent Multiple-level Parking Space

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Vehicles have become one of the most popular transportations for people to go to school or work. Therefore, the parking problem becomes the biggest issue for most universities and public areas.
Vancouver Island University has four campuses, which located in Nanaimo, Parksville-Qualicum, Cowichan, and Powell River. The problem also happens at Nanaimo campus because most students are driving their own cars come to school, however, the parking spaces of Nanaimo campus is not efficiency. This report is intended to improve the function of parking spaces at Vancouver Island University through better engineering. The main work will be managed and supervised by Smart Space Inc., which is a professional company of building or designing parking lots, in particular, Yami Al Shria, Xiaohan Li, and Yuting Li. The report will present the processes and details of enhancing the productivity of parking, and redesigning the new security system.
The company has many experiences of redesigning universities’parking spaces. The project team believes the new intelligent multiple-level parking spaces will improve the students experience in their future study lives, and the students are also able to save time to find a space.

Background of This Report
According to our research, VIU has about 18,000 full time and part time students (, 2014). Many of these students drive their own cars to get to school every day. VIU has enough spaces at Lot F and Lot J to M, but due to their locations is far away from the main building such as Bldg. 255,250 and 315, thus, most students are willing to park their cars in Lot N, where nearby the library, Bldg. 255,250 and 356. Moreover, some students have night classes, and the Lot N nearby the li...

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...: April 10th, 2014]

Building Maintenance Worker Salary in Canada (2014) Wowjobs. [Online]
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