Essay on Intelligence Without Analysis is Only Information

Essay on Intelligence Without Analysis is Only Information

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‘Intelligence without analysis is only information’. Critically assess this claim.

Part 1 – Understanding Semantics
Part 2 - Part of the system
Part 4 - Analysis as part of the Organisation, a member the community


Analysis is important. The statement assessed impresses that fact upon the reader. Without it, the speaker implies, Intelligence is inefficient. It is merely ‘information’. For the intelligence community, it seems that information alone is not enough to be presented as a finished product to a policy maker. Information alone is also not enough to represent the ‘reality’ of the world. Especially, in terms of finding possible threats to national security. The statement implies that each key word, when looked at individually, means different things. They do not represent one another. Therefore, semantics is important. In part two of this assessment we observe how Analysis is an essential step of the Intelligence Cycle. While there remains debate regarding the effectiveness of the Cycle in a practical environment, what should be noted is the importance of Analysis as a part of the system. This is the step known as Analysis and Production. The third assessment of the statement looks at the act of Analysis as a critical tool in Intelligence activity. It is useful because it can provide meaning, priority and possible predictions of important national security issues. Finally, the speaker of the statement being assessed is emphasizing its importance as a part of the Intelligence Community. Analysts are important. Supporting Analysis as more than just a function of the intelligence cycle means that policy makers should ensure appropriate funding and management of the Analysi...

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