Intelligence Tests : An Eminent Man Of Great Intelligence Essay

Intelligence Tests : An Eminent Man Of Great Intelligence Essay

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Intelligence testing has created much debate amongst scholars; some of the concerns in the dispute question the very definition and existence of intelligence. There are issues concerning the nature nurture debate and IQ (intelligence quotient) and race (Winberg, 1989; Howe 1990). This essay defines intelligence tests and demonstrates what scholars believe intelligence tests really measure. It further explains some types of intelligence tests used worldwide, as well as an outline of how certain factors such as the family environment and schooling which can arguably act as confounds in the measurement of intelligence.

1. Knight (1946) suggests that intelligence is the ability to attain the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. to get new knowledge or a new skill by learning it
"an eminent man of great intelligence"

Niesser et al. (1996) define intelligence tests as psychometric sense meant to measure intelligence with carefully constructed psychological tests. This can be in form of exercises that test verbal knowledge, ability and performance and scores achieved in the intelligence tests may be considered as an IQ which the division of the mental age by the chronical age.
There are several types of psychometric intelligence tests used to measure intelligence. For example, the Wechsler Adult Intelligent Scale (WAIS) designed by David Wechsler in 1939 is considered reliable because the same test can produce similar results after it has been repeated. Hunt (2011) states that format of the WAIS tests verbal intelligence and performance (Comer et al., 2013)..
Another example of intelligence test is the Raven’s Progressive Matrices which can be described as tests of observation and clear thinking. This test comes in th...

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...ts. Other factors which can influence the measurement of intelligence is a person’s genes and their environment.

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