Intelligence Test : Measure Reasoning And Problem Solving Essays

Intelligence Test : Measure Reasoning And Problem Solving Essays

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Intelligence test are numerous test that measure reasoning and problem solving. The many intelligent quotient are both different in numerous ways in which test scores vary from person to person. First, there is the cultural fair intelligence test that is non-verbal and based on logical reasoning (International High IQ Society, 2015). The test asked me questions of figures that logically belongs on the spot of the question mark. The questions were mostly shapes and figuring out which shape will go next in the box. Secondly, came the classical intelligence test which consist of synonyms and numbers. An example, from the High Society IQ would state, “4, 6, 9, 6, 14, and 6 and what number would go next (2015).The questions at first seemed difficult, but with time I realized that you add 1 number every time after six. Another was matching synonyms to a word in the answer that would match perfectly. The IQ test is based on syllogism, in which a form of reason is drawn (whether validity or not) from two given or assumed propositions (Autumn group, 2015). The test consist of true or false answers that were mathematical equations, English, and deductive reasoning etc. Finally, was the Multiple Intelligence test that defined people as having more than one intelligence. Mathematical, musical, Bodily- kinesthetic, or intrapersonal are the many ways someone can be intelligent.
The first two test were similar because they are mostly consist of shapes, synonyms, and logical reasoning. They both were mostly word problems and basically putting two and two together. Reasoning plays a main role in these test and it is best defined as reasoning to evaluate information, arguments, and beliefs to draw a conclusion (Grisson, Heatherton, & Gazzaniga, 2...

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... practical intelligence. Also, a negative effect in testing scores could be by genetics. According to the textbook, whites score on average 10- 15 points higher than African Americans (2015). When there is an over reliance in intelligence testing we form negative stereotypes. According to the textbook, a stereotype is about conforming a negative stereotype to a person’s own group. For example, how we talked about in our notes presumably that all Asians are smarter (Gayzur, 2015). This can offend people and often bring them down. There was also a belief that when women take exams they would score lower because they were told that men get better scores than them. This is not the case and women do perform just as well if they were not held back by negative stereotypes. (2015). Intelligent testing is seen as psychology greatest success in assessing human intelligence.

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