Intelligence Test and Gifted Requirements

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Intelligence Test and Gifted Requirements The Gifted program exists to provide more academic opportunities for those who qualify as “gifted.” “’Gifted means performing or demonstrating the potential for performing at significantly higher levels of accomplishment in one or more academic fields due to intellectual ability, when compared to others of similar age, experience, and environment’” (Quoted in “Gifted”). In order to make it into the program the student must show higher intellectual ability than the average student at his or her age, but what determines that factor? The student must take a multidimensional test and score in the 98th percentile. However, the most weighted part of the test remains an average IQ test. Intelligence test scores should not be the primary qualification for admittance into the gifted program. They should not remain the primary qualification because it allows the minorities and the economically disadvantaged to be underrepresented, it proves insufficient when compared to other means of testing, and it fails to accurately reflect a student’s intelligence. Despite the criticism presented here, many still believe that the average IQ test qualifies as enough for a student to gain admittance. Looking back on the Gifted Program’s history, passing the average IQ test with a score above 130 was the only qualification or requirement to gain admittance into the program. Many believed that this caused no harm; therefore, the IQ test remains sufficient today. Also, although there are other and more efficient ways of testing the students, the IQ test does provide useful information that should and does contribute to the decision of whether or not a student gains admittance. It shows a student’s le... ... middle of paper ... ... to them due to repairable faults in one test’s function. Because it causes minorities and economically challenged to miss the opportunity, because it fails where other means of testing reflect more, and because it does not accurately reflect a student’s intelligence, the intelligence test should not be the primary qualification to gain admittance into a gifted program. Works Cited “Gifted Education Policies for Kansas.” Davidson Institute 2011. Web. 28 October 2011. “IQ Tests and Gifted Children.” Duke Talent Identification Program 2011. Web. 31 October 2011. Kuttler, Ami Flam. “Gifted/IQ Evaluations.” Ami Flam Kuttler, Ph. D 2011. Web. 31 October 2011. Machek, Greg. “The Role of Standardized Intelligence Measures in Testing for Giftedness.” Indiana University 2007. Web. 20 October 2011 Sebelius, Nancy. Personal Interview. 17 November 2011.
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