Intelligence Is Expressed By Iq Test Essay

Intelligence Is Expressed By Iq Test Essay

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There are many different ways in which intelligence is expressed. The most common way is through the standard IQ test. With this IQ test, those brilliant enough to receive a score above 144, are looked at as a genius. On the contrary, those who don’t reach that criteria for the IQ test, are looked at as the average joe. Certain people have the type of intelligence that don’t transfer over to tests and school in general. Instead, these certain people have that specific type of intelligence for situations and real world problems. People often compare the two and try to agree on what it truly means to be a genius. Rob Siltanen once said, "About the only thing you cant do is ignore them?" He is saying that, the world may view those people that do those certain things that impact the world, as a "misfit" or rebel when in reality, they are a genius to others. Does it really matter if both are using their power for a good cause?
Many may think that those geniuses with a high IQ wont be subject to the normal downfall the ordinary person experiences. Truth be told, they are subject to those downfalls as every human being is. In some particular cases, people with high IQ illustrate weird behaviors which is not common to other people. For example, in the new show Scorpion, the main character Walter, experiences difficulties with personal relationships. In the show, you can see how Walters relationships didn’t work out because of his inability to shy away from the truth with his girlfriend at the time. Another example from the show, Walter ended up suffering from depression at an early age after experiencing a dramatic event that made him seem like an outcast or crazy. When in reality, all if was doing was trying to help out. "he got into t...

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... family as well as, his son was diagnosed with Schizophrenia and he was divorced multiple times. "Einstein wed during the same year of his divorce. He would continue to see other women throughout his second marriage, which ended with Löwenthal 's death in 1936". Einstein had trouble staying with women which impacted him even more.
People that are considered genius with this IQ test, still go through the same struggle a normal person goes through. In fact, they even might go through more hardships because of tag linked to them, making them rebels and misfits to society. Geniuses live hard lives because of their countless hours of devotion to their work or craft and attempting to master it. Although they may go through a bit more hardships personally from being isolated from the world, they find that urge to go and make a positive impact for the world anyway they can.

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