Intelligence And The Universal Term Essay

Intelligence And The Universal Term Essay

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Intelligence can be defined as a means of acquiring knowledge and being able to apply it to various aspects in life. In the realm of psychology, the universal term is used interchangeably during research. According to Singh-Manoux et al. (2005), psychologists have had difficulty defining intelligence because they have constantly disagreed on its nature, with some in congruence on one construct and others drawn to the multiple factor theory. In contrast, it could also be because they never agreed on an operational definition of intelligence—meaning the variable to be measured, take for example, emotion.
Most times, intelligence and emotion are “initially perceived as completely different elements” (Keidar & Yagoda, 2014). Although true, combining the two established their standing as a new scientific discipline. Caruso, Bhalerao, & Karve (2016) defined emotional intelligence (EI) as “an ability that operates with and on emotional data, and is best measured in an objective manner…to accurately perceive emotions, to understand their causes and trajectories, to utilize them to help you think, and to effectively manage them.” In relevance to today, emotional intelligence (EI) can be useful in psychology because it can provide a wider scope of intelligence testing in regards to understanding self-awareness, empathy, adaptive abilities, motivation, and social skills seen in individuals.
With that in mind, it is vital to know foremost the history of intelligence testing. Contributors in this area include Alfred Binet, Theodore Simon, Lewis Terman, and David Weschler. During the early 19th century, Binet set out to construct a standardized test, known as the Binet-Simon test that assisted in the recovery of children with mental problems....

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...ity, and fairness were never displayed at all. In addition, it illustrated how fear was a prominent emotion immigrants felt when passing through the New York harbor, but it didn’t have to necessarily be just the population on Ellis Island though. The same was done for soldiers who had fought in World War I. Technically that is how intelligence testing came to existence in its ongoing development. Richardson (2003) stated that the Army Examination Alpha was a verbal scale, whereas Army Examination Beta was a performance scale intended for men who were relatively unfamiliar with the English language—both including similar tests done by Knox and his team. Entry into the war became difficult for minorities, but again, it was never meant for them to pass.
In view of this, other factors contributed to intelligence testing as well, take for instance, a person’s age.

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