Intelligence : A Fixed Mindset And A Growth Mindset Essay

Intelligence : A Fixed Mindset And A Growth Mindset Essay

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There are two views about intelligence: a fixed mindset and a growth mindset, but only one of these views has negative consequences on a student’s academic performance. One of the most basic beliefs that society holds about intelligence is that people are born with a certain amount of intelligence and no amount of learning can change that, which illustrates a fixed mindset. However, many people will argue that intelligence has the ability to grow and expand throughout life, which demonstrates a growth mindset. A student’s outlook on intelligence influences how he or she performs academically. Students who consider intelligence as fixed are disheartened by mistakes and hardships, while students who consider intelligence as changeable learn from their faults and embrace their obstacles and challenges (Clear). The outdated belief that intelligence is a fixed and unchangeable entity is detrimental to society as it causes people to lose confidence in their abilities and lose their motivation to learn.
When someone hears the word “intelligent,” they typically picture a person who attends college, maintains near perfect grades, and possesses a great deal of knowledge (Kennedy). According to Ben Michaelis, a person 's intelligence is not measured by how well they perform academically, but by how well they adapt to their situations and environment (Michaelis). The idea that students who attain outstanding grades in school are more intellectual than students who receive poor grades is unfair to all students. In 1983, Dr. Howard Gardner identified different types of intelligence, including interpersonal intelligence, intrapersonal intelligence, and musical intelligence (Fiero), so to assume that a person is unintelligent based on poor acade...

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...row out the outdated belief that intelligence is a fixed and static trait, and adopt the belief that intelligence can improve and expand. This fixed mindset discourages students and derails their academic career, whereas a growth mindset encourages students to study hard, learn more, and practice perseverance. The education system plays a major role in students forming a fixed mindset about intelligence due to the strong importance it puts on a student’s grades. The disadvantages of keeping the belief that intelligence is fixed and unchangeable include high levels of anxiety due to the pressure to have outstanding grades, lack of confidence in one’s abilities, and lack of motivation to learn and study. More people must develop a growth mindset about intelligence as it allows students to concentrate on gaining knowledge rather than memorizing information for a grade.

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