Essay on The Intellectual Dimension Of Education And Cognitive Development

Essay on The Intellectual Dimension Of Education And Cognitive Development

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As I have reflected on the examined life, intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually, over the span of this semester and applied it to our own life, I have noticed a theme that links each of these dimensions together. Life is a journey of self discovery where individuals are constantly trying to come to terms with who they are as a person. Through this journey, individuals can find their calling or vocation in life, discover their potential, know one’s self, and even just make sense of life. Furthermore, I will examine this theme of self discovery in the context of each dimension and apply it to what I have learned over the course of this semester.
The intellectual dimension talked mainly about education and cognitive development. Throughout our lives we are always learning— about things like language, factual evidence, problem solving, spirituality, nature, other people and even ourselves. Parker Palmer talks about an old Quaker saying, “Let your life speak”(Palmer 2). Palmer explores this saying and believes it to mean that one should ‘listen’ to what life intends to do with you before ‘telling’ life what you intend to do with it. This can be very valuable, especially to those in college, who are taking advantage of this time to figure out where we want to go in the future and what we want to do. I myself, think I need to try to take this Quaker saying more seriously and instead of trying to control a situation, just take a step back and let things happen as they should. James Burtchaell discusses the opportunity to learn during college, but also the major decisions that students face during this time. He mentions the benefits that come with the prolonging of settling on a specific career path and using ...

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...enbloom’s article talks about how we all appear and behave in a specific way in order to try to control how others perceive us and to “appeal to multiple audiences” (Rosenbloom 1). Our personal image is important and it proves that we have a lot of control over our own identities, introspectively and outwardly. I want to be able to reflect who I am on the inside and convey my personality to others through my behavior and appearance. Self-reflection allows for self-expression.
As human beings, each of these dimensions play a factor in our lives. In each of their own ways, they tie into the theme of self-discovery because whether it is physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially or spiritually, we are always changing, growing, and self reflecting. They work together to provide a basis of human existence and framework for individuals as they journey through life.

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