Intel Cloud Technology Program Essay

Intel Cloud Technology Program Essay

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Intel Cloud Technology Program


1. Executive Summary…………………………………... 3
2. Introduction…………………………………………... 4
3. Overview of the program……………………………...
a. Benefits…………………………………………….. 5
4. Competitors…………………………………………... 7
5. Conclusion……………………………......................... 7
6. References…………………………….......................... 8

Executive Summary

A heterogeneous cloud infrastructure environment results in 40 to 60 percent performance variation. Therefore, cloud users are looking for more insight into the performance, capabilities and cost savings offered by cloud service providers so that they can get the right size and type of performance as per their particular workload.

Intel introduces the “Intel Cloud Technology” program that seeks visibility in the cloud allowing users to choose the technologies that are optimal for running their applications on cloud.

This report emphasizes how Intel can improve customer experience. Enterprise customers certainly value transparency in the cloud for performance and security reasons. The report also talks about how this program helps communicate differentiation, giving a much detailed explanation of what is going in a cloud infrastructure in a much clearer and intelligent manner.


Intel is a world leader in computing innovation. It has a huge share in the data center market. Intel CPUs power 90 percent of clouds today. Intel Corporation has partnered with 16 leading cloud service providers (CSPs) to introduce the "Intel Cloud Technology” program which will provide cloud users to get a sense of the hardware behind their Intel-based cloud technology. This will he...

... middle of paper ...

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5) Charles Babcock, Information Week : Amazon-Intel is inside our cloud

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6) White Paper: Security in the Cloud for SAP HANA
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7) Virtustream Collaborates with Intel to Launch Big Data as a Service
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