Essay on Integrity Is Not A Word

Essay on Integrity Is Not A Word

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Integrity is not a word I use on a daily basis. I tend to compensate with a synonym such as honesty. However, true integrity cannot be explained with just one word. Having integrity means you are responsible for your actions, follow the golden rule, and always do what you believe is right despite the consequences. That said, a person of integrity is not a perfect person. We try to live up to a set standard of moral or ethical values, but as individuals we are bound to make mistakes over the course of our life. How we deal with our flaws or mistakes proves to the people surrounding us if we are truly a person of integrity.

Everyone’s standards for moral or ethical values are different and arise from different aspects of one’s life. Some base their morals on what they were taught as children by their parents, teachers, or mentors. Others go by their religion, an institution, or a professional organization that has a set of principles that they follow. As children, we are taught the principles of the golden rule. “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” Seems simple enough, but in reality we know that not everyone follows this rule. Imagine how different the world would be if everyone followed the golden rule to the letter. Another quote by C.S. Lewis we constantly hear is “Do the right thing, even when no one is watching.” I still remember that day in Sunday school when we went over the concept of integrity. My teacher told us a story in order for us little ones to grasp the concept. In it, a boy and his father crept into a field during the dusk hours of the day when no one was around. The father was poor and wanted to steal some wheat from a neighbor’s field. He took his son along so the little boy could stand guard in ca...

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...y legal or work-related problems. If you do observe a breach in protocol or some sort of unethical behavior such as in billing or in patient/provider interactions, it is your responsibility to take action and notify the proper administration. Part of this accountability should include knowing the chain of command in your profession and not breaking the chain by taking matters into your own hands and jumping the links and notifying the incorrect people about the issue on hand.

Becoming a person of integrity is a long process. It starts from a young age and does not end until the day we die. We have the ability to practice this concept every day in multiple aspects of our life. Every new day is given to us as an opportunity to start from a clean slate. Let us as a society, strive to become the moral and ethical people that demonstrate true integrity every single day.

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