Integrity Is Considered A Moral Virtue Essay

Integrity Is Considered A Moral Virtue Essay

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Integrity is considered a moral virtue in which one practices honesty and strong ethical principles. Without practicing these daily, one would lose the sense of integrity and the transparent honest disrupting the harmony in their life. Integrity is the basis of someone’s reputation, what they believe in and how they are perceived by others.The definition of Integrity includes the qualities of being honest and fair. There are different many ways that people can receive the word integrity. People believe it 's a good thing, showing true and perfect characteristics that all human beings should have, while others believe it 's a negatively impacts someone’s “moral compass”, people can be seen as too cordial and weak. I perceive Integrity as an important trait that all human should strive for because of its beneficial factors to the human race. If all humans had the quality of being honest and fair the entire world would operate more efficiently and effectively, there would be a downfall of crime in the world because everybody would earn an genuine and fair living which would allow them live without the troubles of poverty or potential corruption. Another definition Integrity according to the Merriam-Webster website is the state of being complete or whole. Again the trait or quality of integrity is the trait that humanity should seek. A community may not be complete or whole but with the help of others who are, it would lead to openness, and aid. Becoming whole may be a daunting challenge, but absolutely possible. To be single individual without thinking about others may be self centered, but to be an individual who thinks about others and is not willing to help can classified as the same thing. Integrity to me is a very importan...

... middle of paper ... you. People being honest to you is one of the many perks of having qualities of integrity. An interesting fact about the word integrity, or having honest and strong moral principles, is it commonly is known as the opposite of hypocrisy. Hypocrisy is defined as the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one 's own belief does not conform pretense. This means that the opposite of having integrity is being hypocritical. Being hypocritical is the worst person somebody can be. If there was one person that everybody hates it is a hypocritical one. They are always lying and scolding one thing but instantly jumping onto it later. It 's like saying bullying is bad but then hitting somebody smaller than you for their money. It 's absolutely horrible that people do that and that 's another reason why you should strive for the qualities of integrity.

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