Integration Of The Enterprise Resource Planning With Federal Enterprise Architecture

Integration Of The Enterprise Resource Planning With Federal Enterprise Architecture

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Integration of the enterprise resource planning with federal enterprise architecture
The project, which I assessed is the federal enterprise architecture. Out of the four methodologies, the federal enterprise architecture is the architecture which is used in the federal government of the United States. As, in the federal government, they are several individual federal agencies come under the state-federal department for delivering the primary outcomes a) service delivery b) functional integration c) resource optimization d) authoritative reference.
Mainly, in the federal enterprise architecture where it deals with the combining the activities like a) strategic functions b) business functions c) technology management functions of the organization and tends to improve these activities daily. Indeed, the federal enterprise architecture deals with the eight levels of scope in the function a) national b) federal c) system d) sector e) agency f) segment and g) application. Moreover, in the enterprise architecture, it the process of combining the business functions and technological functions. Similarly, even in the federal enterprise architecture, it is the integration of the basic elements like a) governance b) principles c) method d) tools e) standards f) use g) reporting h) use to get the primary outcomes and giving the best service by developing solutions for a) perfect planning and b) good decision-making.
Consequently, the main problem with the federal enterprise architecture is with the data sharing service. For example, in the matrix structure of the organization of the enterprise system we have a) functional operations management b) tactical management c) strategic management. Indeed, the data sharing service in t...

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... of the private networks and internet, the organization must be aware and per the today’s trend, one must provide access through the user ID and password. Indeed, for example, when you come to UM-Flint at first the user needs to connect to the computer with Wi-Fi so the user needs to enter the username and password. Correspondingly, when the user wants to enter through blackboard (i.e. a) enterprise resource planning system in this case) the user must enter username and password. Similarly, in this case, the b) local communication system will be the network. Furthermore, c) the administrative authority where one of the administrators is responsible for the administration, even the administrator has a username and password for access and authentication. Consequently, d) private networks where different users have different user ID and password for the UM-Flint network

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