The Integration of Mechanical & Electrical Building Services in a 2 story Office Building

The Integration of Mechanical & Electrical Building Services in a 2 story Office Building

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This report has been written to provide information to a client, and will advise on the integration of Mechanical & Electrical building services in a 2 storey office building. The building also has basement space available for plant allocation.
The areas which have been requested for consideration are:
Mechanical Heating, Ventilation and air conditioning systems
heat loading Calculating
Lighting Provision
Fire and Security Systems
Each section will be accompanied by a series of sketch designs showing installation methods and locations within the building.
Evidence shall be used from external sources to strengthen the document.
Reference to proposed building plans can be found in the appendix
Mechanical HVAC Services

Whether dealing with any building certain services need to be considered at the design stage to enable occupiers have reasonable conditions and a comfortable working environment. HVAC systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems) are used to provide buildings with ‘conditioned air’ which is odourless and fresh, as well as ensuring the temperature, humidity and flow of the air is within a certain comfort range appealing to the occupiers. Figure 1 on page 5 is a diagram which explains a basic design process when designing a heating or ventilation system for a building.

Heating systems

According to the charted institute of building services engineers ‘a successful heating system design will result in a system that can be installed and commissioned to deliver the indoor temperatures required for the client.’ (CIBSE Guide B 2004) a heating service should also be designed to sustain its original performance capabilities over its planned life with little need for maintena...

... middle of paper ...

...working environment and minimal maintenance is necessary to both the system and the area of installation. The delay of water through transportation to the system must be taken into account, a quote from CIBSE Guide E states ‘the speed of water in the event of a fire should be carefully considered. A suggestion of a maximum pipe volume 2.5 m3 or a delivery of water to the sprinkler within 60 seconds should be fulfilled’ (CIBSE Guide E 2004) this shall be incorporated within the final designs.
By law a sprinkler system within a building must have its own water supply. A proposal of a water tank should be installed within the plant room for use of the system and shall be incorporated with the water heating system. In case of emergencies a connection shall be connected to the town’s mains water supply, further costs will have to be discussed with whom it may concern.

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