Essay about The Integration Of It With Logistics Management

Essay about The Integration Of It With Logistics Management

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The integration of IT with logistics management is an important prerequisite for good logistics management. An electronic commerce portal can be used as a marketing channel in collaboration with existing intermediaries or through bypassing mediators disintermediation will provide high leverage opportunities to the logistics function and increase its flexibility. Hence the development of E-Logistics gets to be fundamental for accomplishment in worldwide operations examine the advancement of electronic markets in logistics with logistics financier frameworks (LBS). LBS is an open online data and incorporation framework for transportation and logistics services, offering customs and financial links, pricing, space availability, booking capability for freight door-to-door and a single point of payment through clearing houses. He identified two critical success factors: (i) the electronic network limited its service to carefully preserve the distribution of power among the stakeholders, and (ii) the system took advantage of the four founding airlines’ local strongholds as points of departure.
E-Logistics comprises of four important components: (i) one-stop value-added services, (ii) management of electronic data, (iii) a transportation network and (iv) automation in warehousing operations. In logistics, consumer loyalty can be enhanced by one-stop value-added services. This requires an incorporated quality chain to be connected to a client care advocate, so clients can get the greater part of the required services with just one contact with suppliers. For example, in government services, one-stop services allow you to discover any council service, to make inquiries and applications, to pay your bills etc., all under one roof. A 3PL al...

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...for logistics services. This will also help a company to understand and meet customers’ expectations.
 Information Management
Good logistics management is heavily reliant on the availability of accurate information.
IT plays a major role in bringing all parties, including customers and suppliers, to a single platform in an integrated logistics system to provide cost-effective and quality logistics services. The importance of IT in logistics management is highlighted by the fact that customers can track, trace and generate advanced logistics reports so that timely decisions can be made and corresponding actions were taken. Many companies are trying to develop a seamless information system so that more accurate and timely information can be exchanged to help decision-making and provide competitive logistics services (Gunasekaran and Ngai, 2004a). Several commercial

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