The Integration of Art and Technology Essay

The Integration of Art and Technology Essay

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Caught in an oscillating dialogue between brothers, Erwan and Ronan Bouroullec, the designs put forth by the Bouroullec Studio capture the integration of art and technology, and the respect for consumer culture. This integration can be seen throughout their collections and different works, which range from art, architecture, and product solutions for the everyday user. Despite the broad range of work, common themes serve to tie each piece back to the brothers’ shared love for flexibility and experimentation. In contrast to contemporary 21st century designers, the Bouroullecs consistently craft products unadulterated by preconceived notions of how or why something works the way it does. By analyzing a short survey of the brothers’ work, one is able to understand how their disregard for traditional principles and eagerness to expand the abilities of materials and the machine allow for products that are unique and fully applicable to the modern age.
Brief Biography
The French-born duo, Ronan (1971) and Erwan (1976), both studied at the Ecole Nationale des Arts Decoratifs in Paris and the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Cergy Pontoise. Not long after graduating, Ronan began designing his own products with the help of his brother who was still studying at the time.1 By the late ‘90s, the brothers had accomplished creating their own design firm, Bouroullec Studio, and were well on their way to success in the design spectrum. Their success in many ways can be contributed to their complementing personalities – the artsy side of Ronan and the experimental and technical advances of Erwan - as well as their shared goals of changing how design can be interacted with well beyond the design process.
Unlike most designers who experience a learning cu...

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...ght actually use an object out of the studio setting results in products that are applicable and adaptable to any type of user.
Design Prospect
In many ways, the attributes that set the brothers apart from other designers are the same
aspects that will contribute to their success in the future. Their regard for products as solutions as well as works of art makes each piece desirable. In addition, by designing for the everyday person they are reaching a market that is ever-present. Products that enhance everyday life through flexible systems will also expand their lifespan, discouraging the user from throwing out the piece over time. If the brothers continue to look at design problems with the curiosity and innovation they have so far exhibited, their names are bound to be at the forefront of the design movement as we move towards more modern and futuristic ideas.

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