Integrating Technology into County High School Essay

Integrating Technology into County High School Essay

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Integrating Technology into County High School
Over the past few years' schools have been integrating technology into the classroom through new methods, ideas, grants, and personal experience. Not only has it enriched the learning experience as a whole but also it has proven to be effective in motivating and influencing students desires to learn not only in the classroom but outside as well. Through things such as state and federal funding it is possible to make some of these seemingly impossible technological advances come to a small town such as ours. Students from around the country who have already been awarded the privileges of being awarded technology grants said it helped them in five ways. These five ways were that the devices encouraged students to explore topics further, helped to manage time, provided new learning tools, made courses more interesting, and increased their learning. (Woke 1) with out expanding our educational technologies through out the district to include things such as iPads, laptops for every student, and social networking to be used in the classroom will not be preparing its student body for the 21st century.
With out a doubt County High School needs to move to more 21st century, hands on, and learning styles in the classroom. The question is what is the means of doing this and how do we integrate it into what we do now. It is a step by step process but one of the first things we need to do is make sure every kid has a laptop. This is extremely possible because Granville County School in North Carolina passed out 900 lap tops to ever student. (Granville 2) this is a great way to start putting technology into schools while making the parents and students aware. Also to insure quality and respons...

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...he social networking cites and access you are able to make a broader spectrum of student to teach communication and student to student communication to discuss ideas. As far as bringing in your own devices it is a great idea because it saves the school money and we can still monitor your Internet access. Also for disciplinary purposes if you fail to meet the updated version of the AEP you will lose the privileges to take your laptop home with you and the time period will depend on the extent of the violation. The AEP will have to include things such as at home use and broken, stolen, or lost devices that were administered to the student. if County High School bands together to create a unified responsible student body that is willing to be educated and treat the technology seriously we have a very high success rate as to making 21st century learning work for us.

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