Essay on Integrating Technology Into Classroom Learning

Essay on Integrating Technology Into Classroom Learning

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Technology has become extremely rampant in this society. In fact, there are not many ways people function without it. It has consumed every aspect of daily living and has become quite applicable to completing tasks. Technology is also relevant to education and has become a prominent influence on the way schools are operated. From curriculum and instructional planning, incorporating it into classroom activities, and utilizing it as a tool for communication among the school community technology is a necessary part of the educational system. The Edutopia team (2008) mentioned that schools were late discovering the real possibilities technology could contribute to teaching and learning. They state “most schools lag far behind when it comes to integrating technology into classroom learning.” If educational leaders, teachers, and students learn how to maximize the benefits of using technology, it will certainly assist students in obtaining the skills to thrive in a highly technological society.
In my school district, technology is assimilated to advance the planning, development of curriculum. At my campus specifically, technology has improved the way teachers deliver content since it allows them to cater to different kinds of learners and evaluate student comprehension using various resources. Technology promotes a meaningful, interactive, and exciting experience for both educators and students. Common Curriculum is an online software my campus uses. It is a technology that allows educators to categorize their lesson plans based on the curriculum and instructional standards. This online software can adjust to a variety of lesson plan outlines and also serves as storage space. This is beneficial for educators as they have access to it i...

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...ogy can have the opposite effect and cause teacher-centered learning. Teachers may have a hard time understanding how to use technology. Instead of being facilitators, they can ultimately jeopardize students taking control of their educational experience. With the establishment and use of new technology comes the difficulty of adjusting and creating new forms of instructional lessons.
The place of technology in pedagogy is important. It is a crucial supplemental resource that edifies the learning experience. It is important for students to understand the morals and ethics of using online content. Schools definitely have a responsibility to ensure their students are accountable for utilizing technology. At every stage of the education process technology is relevant. All the collaboration and creativity that comes with it has encouraged student learning to take place.

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