Essay about Integrating Tablets into Schools

Essay about Integrating Tablets into Schools

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Technology is growing every day and everyone has to keep up with it, even schools. Schools K-12 have to keep up because if they don’t the students are behind in the eyes of the technology world. Most schools now have computers and laptops but that technology that you can’t be carried around easily but tablets can. Tablets are the new technology that schools need to introduce to the students more so that they can keep up with technology. They are small and can find in any good sized bag and are quick to turn on for easy access. Also now that tablets are out of the testing state and are being upgrade to better quality and easier to navigate and learn, this would be a good time for schools to invest into tablets. Students already use cellphones in class so why not replace it with a tablet to keep them more involved in the class work and not their phone. Some schools have made the jump to one on one tablet experience and are doing very successful but schools administrators still see it as distraction and costly change. This is a real fear but it’s not true because with the right programs and motivation of students tablets can be a great saver in many areas. Tablets are the future and schools need to join the jump before they are behind in the changing world. Schools administration needs to start integrating tablets into schools because of the easy access to knowledge, everything is on one device, and cost-efficient over time.
Getting knowledge has change over the years with the evolving of technology and the need to know everything. If someone wanted to know about someone or something they would have to look it up in a book or ask around to see if anyone knew it. Now and days someone can pull out their phone and “google it” to find...

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