Essay about Integrating Science and Math Into The Classroom

Essay about Integrating Science and Math Into The Classroom

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One of the main issues that a classroom teacher faces today deals with how to integrate subjects in the classroom while promoting learning for all. This paper will examine how a unit integrates science and mathematics in the classroom. We will also address how the 12 science processes can be use in the lesson. In addition, we will examine how the use of differentiation can be use in this unit to address the needs of all the students. This paper will also address how assessments promote student learning. Finally this paper will show how the use of reflection thinking, manipulative and materials helps students develop a sense of science and fractions.

The 12 Science Processes
This unit on the apple life cycle includes the use of the 12 science processes in the following ways: the use of observing which is the process of gathering information using all appropriate senses and instruments that extend the senses (Bass, Contant, & Cain, 2009 p.30), is evident in this unit by having the student observe, feel, and taste a variety of apples. Classifying which is the process of grouping objects according to one or more properties (Bass, et, al.p.32), is also use in this unit by having the students sort the apples according to color, shape, and size. Bass, 2009, defines communicating as the process of recording, organizing, and reporting observations, measurements, experiments findings and conclusions (p.35). Communicating was used during this unit by having the students explain their hypothesis, working in small groups to recording findings during the favorite apple projects, writing facts about what they have learned for the day. Measuring which is the process of using either standard and nonstandard measures or estimate...

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...of students, and offers an array of activities to encourage the use of the twelve processes of science and the application of math skills using fractions. Finally the assessments given are authentic and allow the students time for reflection on their own learning.

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