Integrating Learning Spaces On Adult Education Essay

Integrating Learning Spaces On Adult Education Essay

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Redesigning learning spaces trend would make a positive impact in adult education. I believe educator and designers should work together more to configure learning spaces to make education better. The benefits of renovated learning spaces have been recognized in various institutions. A study from the National Training Laboratories in 2000 found that about only 5% of information delivered through lectures was retained (HermanMiller, 2008). Compared to the 50% for discussion groups and 70% for practice by doing (HermanMiller, 2008). Redesigning the learning spaces also includes redesigning the curriculum to transform the way we learn. When students apply what they have learned and design, they learn better and in turn, transform the communities they live in.

Another way of redesigning learning space is the integration of physical and virtual learning spaces like the concept of poly synchronous learning, which refers to a mix of face-to-face, asynchronous and synchronous channels of online communication (New Media Consortium, 2016). This form of learning would have a substantial significance in adult education. Many adults have a full-time job and families to care and charter for; limiting the flexibility of their time to be in classrooms to learn. With the poly synchronous learning, it allows people in adult education to communicate through online audio and text discussions because the sessions are recorded, giving them the opportunities to listen to the recording at their own time and still engage in the asynchronous around the same time. This type of learning does not just address the issue of time but also space.

NAIT has been able to adopt this form of learning, although I would like to see more of it in many other courses. A...

... middle of paper ...

...n to students. For example, in the above paragraph, about poly synchronous learning in adult education, that would not be possible in adult education or any other form of post-secondary education without the use of computers. Computers are able to make research more efficient in post-secondary institutions. Students are also able to learn how to use computers, especially in today 's modern world where most jobs require one to have a good Microsoft literacy and other computer software literacy because businesses are now computer based. While in the 20th century and earlier, computers were not needed because of how the society was. However, civilization has reached a point where computers should be part of a post-secondary school. However, the purpose of computers should not take away the teacher and student experience in post-secondary education but rather enhance it

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