Integrating Instructional Technology For The Classroom Essay

Integrating Instructional Technology For The Classroom Essay

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Integrating Instructional Technology
Technology should be used to facilitate and enhance instruction in and outside of the classroom. The use of technology helps prepare students for their future careers. In the classroom, technology should be incorporated with the content lesson. This will help students learn in a fun and engaging way. The use of interactive whiteboards, Chromebooks, and Youtube allows teachers to enhance instructional time and students to collaborate with each other in an educational setting.
“Interactive Whiteboards”
Teachers can use interactive whiteboards to illustrate points using a pen or their finger. These whiteboards allow teachers to display visual images which helps improve the learning process. Students learn more easily with visual images. Students can use the whiteboard to draw, write, or manipulate images. Teachers can use the whiteboard for virtual field trips so every student can view. Multimedia lessons and presentations that incorporate audio and video can also be displayed on the whiteboard. Math teachers benefit tremendously from the interactive whiteboards. They can have students come to the board and work problems out also students can collaborate on projects. Other core subject also benefit from the interactive whiteboards, because teachers can display notes, web tools, and videos with the students. Effective integration of technology into classroom instruction can positively impact students’ motivation, engagement, and interest in learning while fostering an active explorative, and investigative style of learning resulting improved comprehension of mathematics (Ayhan Kursat, Muge, & Sukru, 2015).
Chromebooks offer students and teachers access to infinite amounts of informat...

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...) in the classroom, where students can learn at the convenience of their own device. Wired networks are important if teachers are using educational software on desktop computers in the classroom. Wired networks are fast which allows software programs to work at its full potential. Having a secured connection allows students to continue researching information on the Internet.
Technology has helped enhance instruction in the classroom, which has led to increased student performance. Chromebooks and interactive whiteboards allow students to have access to Internet and web applications. These two technologies help promote a collaborative environment in the classroom. Youtube has given students an opportunity to access eLearning tools and promote creativity. Advancements in technology has provided teacher and students with numerous educational opportunities.

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